D'Addario Autolock Strap launch!

D'Addario Autolock Strap launch!

Brand new in this week are the very cool Autolock Straps from D'Addario, an all in one strap/strap lock solution, without having to make any major modifications to your instrumentDesigned in collaboration with Ned Steinberger, the D'Addario Autolock system is made to work with most strap buttons on the market and we've tested the straps with every strap button variation we could find in the shop, it checks out! Definitely an incredibly useful piece of gear, especially if you're switching between multiple guitars in a live setting, or if taking a drill to your guitar to fit traditional strap locks is something you're unsure about, a fantastic option to add to your collection for anyone! 

A little bit more technical stuff....The latch is spring-loaded, so it automatically clamps down on the strap button and will not release unless desired. The straps themselves are made from a comfortable soft nylon, so offer an enourmous amount of support by themselves, however they do offer a padded option if needed for a particularly heavy instrument....i'm looking at you Strats, Teles and Les Pauls from the 70's....it is adjustable from 35" to 59.5" long and is also available in a range of different colours to suit your style. Perfect for guitars, basses, playing at home, live or in the studio and players of any genre. Now available in store at Waterloo Music, or visit our website to purchase online!

Take a look at this short demo from D'Addario themselves!


If you'd like to purchase one, visit us in-store or order one from our website! Click & collect is available on all items: https://waterloomusic.shop/products/daddarioautolockstrap


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