Back To School - Instrument Ideas!

Back To School - Instrument Ideas!

Back to School

It's that time of year again, back to school, and what better way to kick off the school year with some ideas for pursuing a musical interest. We have plenty on offer for budding music makers and we look forward to seeing all the new musicians visit us for their newfound love. Here are a few things we think you'll love!


Ukuleles have been increasingly popular in the last few years, with many groups and bands consisting of many uke players appearing all over the place. Ukuleles are a fantastic instrument by themselves and are a great gateway into other stringed instruments such as guitars or bass. Here are a few of our favourites to start on:

Pacific Ukulele - A fantastic place to start if you want to give it a try before committing to a more expensive option!

Freshman Soprano - An awesome way to start off your ukulele adventure. An all Spruce ukulele boasting a lovely rich, bright tone and fantastic playability!

Freshman Concert - A bigger option in terms of size which some may find more comfortable. A fully mahogany construction makes this ukulele's tone lovely and warm!

Laka VUS50 - Another Soprano ukulele, for someone that needs something a little smaller. A lovely sounding ukulele with the added benefit of having a chromatic tuner built into the instrument, which is incredibly useful for on-the-fly tuning!


Acoustic Guitars:

Have you got a budding guitar player in your family? Fancy having a go at becoming singer/songwriter? We've got plenty on offer to get you started on the road to playing music! We have plenty of books to help you on your way, from beginner books to books full of popular acoustic tunes for your busking repertoire! Here are a few of our favourite picks for a first guitar:

Freshman Chicago - Available in a few different sizes, these guitars play wonderfully and are very well made for an attractive price point!

Fender Classic Design - Also available in many many different shapes in sizes, these guitars boast an awful lot of quality! A solid spruce wood top and mahogany body construction, ensure these guitars have a wonderfully clear and warm tone

Tanglewood Discovery Exotic - Possibly our best selling instrument, and for good reason! Not only do these guitars look the part with the lovely exotic wood options, but these pieces also are also super easy to play with satin-finished necks, so no sticky gloss to worry about.


Electric Guitars:

If you fancy something a little...louder, we have plenty of electric guitars and amps to get anyone started, especially the younger musicians wanting to play like their idols! Much like the acoustic guitars, we have plenty of books and material, and with the offer from a few of our brands to gain access to online tutoring when purchasing an instrument to help with the learning process. Here are some of our favourite entry electrics:

Squier by Fender, Bullet Series: A staple for many many years, the Bullet series offers a quality instrument, with the younger player in mind. An unfinished neck provides lovely smooth play, with a neck carve that's comfortable for any hands. There is also a 3/4 option, for those very small hands.

Squier by Fender, Affinity Series: The next step up in the Squier range, the Affinity Series offers an incredibly well-built instrument, with an Alder body, maple neck and a lovely feeling fretboard, an all-round great guitar. These come in some really funky colours as well!

Cort G110, G Series: A new brand into us recently, Cort offers some incredibly high-quality instruments for a fantastic price point. This particular model boasts a lovely satin-finished neck and HSS pickup configuration, which will give you even more tonal variety, and that Californian Green finish is so cool!

Remember, don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in purchasing any of these items, or with any other enquiry you may have! You can also follow the links attached to the items to view them on our website and place your order there if you wish! We look forward to hearing from you! Good luck and stay safe to all those young people heading back into school!

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